About us

About Us

Skystep Trading Ltd started its operations in 1994, working in the field of chemical trading. Over the years, Skystep has built its reputation as a reliable partner in the chemical market. We serve various industries including detergent, textile, paper, glass, paints, coatings, dyes, construction, rubber, gas, plating, foaming, fertilizer, water treatment, leather and many more.

At Skystep, our goal is to make the lives of our customers and suppliers easier. We are very flexible in all aspects of the business and our goal is to always have a win-win atmosphere. We enjoy working as a team with our partners and do our best to always offer the most cost-effective solutions.

Skystep currently sources its products mainly from Eastern Europe and Asia, exporting to markets all over the world. We handle our products both in bags and drums as well as in bulk. Our wide portfolio of products also allows our customers to source multiple products from one supplier, cutting costs and creating flexibility.

Over the years, we have also developed efficient and cost-effective transportation of our cargoes, which has further allowed us to enhance our services and offer logistics solutions to our partners as well. The logistics solutions we offer include inland transportation (by railcars, dry containers, trucks and tank containers), handling, storage and warehousing services, as well as freight and shipping.

We are constantly expanding our operations, taking on new products and projects, and are always happy to discuss new opportunities with our partners. Our wide experience allows us overcome any obstacle and our employees are always eager to take on new challenges. Skystep is also an active member of the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) for many years.

At Skystep, we strive for excellence in all aspects and know that the sky is the limit.